Ben Gallaher

Ben Gallaher is a singer, songwriter, guitar player, and performer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. After one year at Penn State University, he transferred to Nashville’s Belmont University where he’ll be a junior in the fall of 2012, majoring in Entertainment Industry Studies and minoring in Music Business.

“I grew up in a small town in central Pennsylvania with two older brothers, and country music was all we listened to in our household. I love the stories in the songs, the originality in the country music entertainers, and the energy coming out of every guitar player. As my music passion grew, I started playing the drums and soon after that I began playing guitar, at age six. I felt that guitar just fit me better, and I ran with it.”

Ben Gallaher Live packs a memorable punch of country music with a slight edge. While the strings are being bent up and down the neck of the 6-string, Ben writes and sings songs that the common man can relate to.

“The energy that fills me on stage is something I just can’t explain. When the crowd is into the music, and I’m giving it right back to them, something inside just takes control and gives me that “high-on-life” feeling. It’s unreal!”

Whether it’s in downtown Nashville at Tootsie’s, Rippy’s, Margaritaville, or in Pennsylvania at Backwoods Bar or the State Correctional Institute, Ben owns the stage and makes sure every listener leaves with a piece of country. The young singer/songwriter just finished his first album featuring nine songs he wrote and two that he co-wrote. Playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 6-string banjo, and mandolin, Ben Gallaher’s self-titled record is available now on iTunes.

When Ben is not singing, writing, or performing, you’ll find him fishing at the nearest lake or stream, or counting the days until buck season. As an Eagle Scout, Ben has a passion for giving back to his community.